Tax ID. Registration - Thailand

Condition of registration of Tax ID Number:
Every juristic person who registered and carry on business in Thailand must apply for a tax ID number to be a tax payer within 60 days since the date of incorporation,, this Tax ID number must be quoted on all tax returns.

*** Since May 2017, Tax Authority in Thailand just change the rule which requied more document such as working permit and prove for the residence here in Thailand and etc, so we can serve for case by case only.*******

Required Documents for Tax ID Number Registration

Company’s evidences:

  1. LP.10.3 (Tax ID Number application) From  1 Set.
  2. Copy of Affidavit (Not exceed 6 months) 1 set.
  3. Copy of ID card of signatory director(s).
  4. Copy of Housing Registration of signatory director(s).

Business office’s evidences:

  1. Permission Letter for using business office issued by owner
  2. Copy of ID Card and House registration – owner  1 set:
    In case of owner is a juristic person, item no.13 will be waived and must be used below documents which are consisted of:
    • Copy of Affidavit and Objective of owner (juristic person), for 1 set each.
    • Copy of ID card of the signatory director(s) (juristic person) for 1 set each.
    • Copy of House registration of the signatory director(s) (juristic person) for 1 set each.


Our service fee:  Baht 10,000.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:
Phone Nos.: +66 2 933 6121, +66 2 933 6122, +66 2 933 5601
(for call inside Thailand use 0 instead of +66)
+66 2 933 6120
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Tax I.D. Number Registration - Thailand

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