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Low Cost Bookkeeping Service in Thailand
(Bookkeeping - accounting, half-year and yearly tax, auditing and submission all related to Financial Statement  by Lump Sum service fee - Low Cost)

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Because many clients contact us for inquire on the low cost bookkeeping since they were minimal documents and still are kept with their company here in Thailand, please see below for our propose for Lump Sum Package of doing bookkeeping - accounting, half year and yearly tax, including provide auditing the financial statement and preparing supporting document for submission to related government as below; 

Lump sum service

  1. Dormant company package;
    Our fee is include step of AGM is Baht ________, visit our webiste at; http://www.panwagroup.com/dormantcompany.htm
    Covering; Yearly tax, yearly bookkeeping and yearly auditing with financial statement in English version.

Do not cover; monthly tax (VAT, Withholding tax, and representative to meet Tax Officer when be requested)
More information please visit our website at: http://www.panwagroup.com/dormantcompany.htm
And for dormant company, we have limited no. of client to serve and the fee after Feb 2012 will be changed.

Remark: Dormant company is a company without business activity or waiting for business opportunity. 

  1. Active company – Small size package;  
    Our fee is Baht (start from Baht 18,000 – XX,000 per year) depend on volume of transaction (plus step of AGM Baht 2,000, if need),
    Covering; same option 1.
    Do not cover; same option 1.


For more information, please feel free to contact us:
Phone Nos.:
+66 2 933 6121, +66 2 933 6122, +66 2 933 5601
(for call inside Thailand use 0 instead of +66)
+66 2 933 6120
: bkk@panwa.co.th
Please CC: to our alternate email: panwagroup@gmail.com

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Bookkeeping Service - Thailand , Bangkok and Phuket

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